First Aid Kit on stage with heart in background

What people are saying about First Aid Kit

There is not anybody better than these two anywhere in the world, and has not been for several years. Different class.

Have seen dozens of shows in my life covering most of the popular genres. These ladies and their incredible band put on one of THE BEST shows I have EVER SEEN! If you have to sell a treasured family heirloom to afford a ticket to see them, do it, YES, they were THAT phenomenal!

Great stage presence and awesome voices. These girls are going to conquer the world like ABBA.

First Aid Kit ranks with my favorite groups of all time and certainly are producing the best music I have listened to in the last twenty years, I am absolutely blown away by their level of talent.

Over the decades I’ve only really followed 3 music groups…..The Beatles, Abba and First Aid Kit.

… these two girls are The Beatles of this generation …

This band has everything, it’s pure genius…..yes they’re that good!

One of the best and also most underrated bands in history